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Feon Bank
Crypto future
is here!
payment service
in the world!


$360 300

$360 300

Soft Cap $300 000 / Hard Cap $33 000 000     1FBC = $0,09


Cryptobank of the future!

The world's first decentralized cryptobank of the future FEON with multicurrency transactions, instant payments, of any payments, of any size to any point of the world, working directly, without intermediaries with its crypto-exchange and with the implementation of a smart contract that ensures guaranteed safe conduct of all transactions.

Fion - one of the top 50 most promising companies according to Financial IT
over 200 000 000 potential customers


The growth in the number of gadgets with NFC technology

> >

time since March 2017

1689 days

Growth in the number of payments by crypto currency

the time since February 2017

1322 days


Feon is profitable
and convenient
for everyone!

Highest reliability and safety instantaneous transfer of cash, cashless funds from point A to point B with a commission of 0-0.5% Own crypto-exchange - will allow you to exchange or withdraw the Cryptocurrency with a commission of 0-0.10%.

Payment service for individuals

Instant purchase, exchange, conversion of crypto currency - "Fiat" and vice versa at the best exchange rate + no hidden commissions and transparency of payments

  • Speed

    Instant payment by crypto currency of any services without withdrawal of money from the purse on the basis of a smart contract

  • Contactlessness

    Non-contact payment methods from mobile devices using NFC technology

  • Loyalty system

    A well-developed loyalty system, bonuses and cashback for operations, interest on the balance

  • Exchange

    Exchange of Crypto-currency using NFC to NFC technology between people

Financial instrument for legal entities

Participation in innovative projects and the ability to accept payment in a crypto currency

  • Financial benefits

    Purchase of Crypto-currency for non-cash settlement at a favorable rate on crypto-exchanges.

  • Participation in ICO

    Legal investment of corporate funds in crypto projects, purchase of tokens, participation in ICO

  • Salary projects

    Salary projects for your clients in conjunction with crypto-payments

  • Withdrawal

    Withdrawal of funds from anywhere in the world without superfluous obligations

Feon API Platform


The open and unique Feon platform will be able to unite all payment modules, opening up new opportunities for automated financial systems and create new standards of parameters for connecting advanced financing instruments!

Salary projects

Salary projects

Crypto-currency payments

Crypto-currency payments



Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

NFS payments

NFS payments

Arbitration bot

Arbitration bot

Virtual Map

Virtual Map



Multicurrency Transactions

Multicurrency Transactions

Skorping platform

Skorping platform

Payments by QR-code

Payments by QR-code

Exchange for crypto currency and back

Exchange for crypto currency and back

Deposits in the crypto currency with interest

Deposits in the crypto currency with interest

Payment for all services, goods

Payment for all services, goods



Loyalty program

Loyalty program





Stock Exchange

Stock Exchange



Support for Apple Pay, Samsung Pay

Support for Apple Pay, Samsung Pay

FEON SMART Technology

FEON SMART Technology

Open platform FION OpenAPI

Open platform FION OpenAPI

Photographic Payments

Photographic Payments



Payments by fiat currency

Payments by fiat currency

The affiliate platform for Blockbin is a market with a potential turnover of
200 billion dollars a year!

Feon Team The potential of the Feon Bank is tremendous, we will be able to easily work with international payment systems like: MasterCard International,
Visa International
Diners Club International

Centralized and
decentralized platforms in numbers

Number of intermediaries and commission rates on current market comparison to platform FEON

Savings of banks after the implementation of Blockchain technology in the processes can reach 80%

Potential total savings on operating activities will be around 50%

According to the forecast of analysts, the global blockchain industry will grow by 59% per year

Implementation of a distributed registry in the oil and gas industry will cut costs by 30%

The volume of cryptocurrency for the year increased by 100%

The FEON platform is beneficial and convenient for everyone!

  • Transaction security

    Highest reliability and safety instantaneous transfer rate of cash, non-cash funds from point A to point B without limits with a commission of 0.5%.

  • Convenient crypto-exchange

    Own crypto-exchange - will allow you to exchange or withdraw the Crypto-currency for a commission of 0-0.10% . The smallest commission on the market, the absence of hidden commissions

  • Foundation for successful projects

    Investment fund - will help to make real wany projects, miner farms and much more

  • Best currency exchange rates

    Instant purchase, exchange, conversion of crypto currency / Fiat and vice versa at the best exchange rate

  • Escrow

    Esquire - opens a special secure account for accounting and blocking of funds received from them owner of the account for the purpose of transferring it to another person when acquiring miner's equipment or services of a freelancer etc

  • Cryptoms to the masses!

    We plan in the near future the installation of its cryptomatics, crypto-ATMs, as well as integration with existing ones

Full-fledged financial operations with crypto-currencies

Intelligent support and advanced features

  • Robotic Assistant

    A robotic adviser who will prompt the client in online mode when to buy or sell a crypto currency at the best rate

  • Arbitration bot

    A complex intrabusiness Boat arbitrator will automatically be able to bring a guaranteed income to the user

  • Support and advice 24/7

    24-hour multi-language technical support for our users in more than 20 languages

For us, the consumer society!

Financial and Reinvestment Society
"System of Financial Conditions"

300 000 000 tokens FBC released
Agreement on joint intercommunion signed.

With the help of Feon tools, an automated pai-payment system based on a smart contract will be implemented

Prospects for the development of financial operations on the blockchain and their analogs
Expert opinion
Yakib Rakhimov Academician IronFX and 7marketz Inc
All sooner or later
will come to Blockchain, but first all digital products and services will be transferred
Yakib Rakhimov
John Zanni President of Acronis Company
Blockchain will become the default technology for all sectors that require inviolability of transactions and databases.

Road map

Q2 2015 Development of own smart contracts

The beginning of our journey was in 2015. We developed Smart contracts for the Etherium network in the language of Solidity. Also participated in the development of Web3, Lightning Networks and building the architecture of decentralized applications

Q3 2015 The team is formed

Formed the main team members who successfully decide to move to one goal!

Q4 2015 – Q3 2016 Development of a payment system for a banking platform

A full-scale development of a payment system for a banking platform

Q4 2016 - Q3 2017 Development of a platform for crypto-currency systems

A full-scale development of a platform for crypto-currency systems

Q4 2017 Alfa-testing platform FEON Cryptobank

Alfa-testing of the FEON Cryptobank platform, development of the main site

April 2018 Development of UX / UI application interfaces

Development of the main UX / UI interfaces for the Feon Bank user application, launch of the site

May - June 2018 Preparing for the pre ICO

Preparing the team for the sale of Feon Bank Coin tokens (FBC) Development of a smart contract, Development of a "White Paper" project

August 2018 Run the pre ICO

Start selling FBC tokens. Publication of the "White Paper"

October 2018 Starting the ICO

Full launch of ICO

30 November 2018 Ending ICO

Completion of sales of FBC tokens, distribution of funds

November 2018 Implementation of new developments of the Feon Open API platform

Reinventing the open platform Feon Open API

December 2018 Publish to Google Play and the App store

Launch of the Crypto currency exchanger and publication on Google Play and the App Store

Q1 2019 Beta-Testing of the Cryptobank platform

Beta-Testing the Cryptobank platform before launching

Q2 2019 Launching solutions for cryptoacquiring

Running solutions for cryptoacquiring and other system tools

Q2-Q3 2019 Development of FEON SMART technology

Development of basic modules for popular CMS

Q3-Q4 2019 OpenAPI products development grants

Granting and testing of OpenAPI products development

Q3 2019 - Q2 2020 Development of additional services - escrow, hedging services, "safe" purchase, etc.

Development of additional services and software for escrow accounts, hedging services, "safe" purchase, etc.

Q2 2020 - Q4 2021 Development of neural networks and arbitration bot

Development of neural networks and arbitration bot and other intelligent systems for the convenience of users of the Feon ecosystem

Be aware of FEON news


Roger Crook Advisor FEON
Business angel, entrepreneur, board & ICO advisor in the logistics tech, fintech, and blockchain disruption space and I am CEO of Capital Springboard - Singapore’s leading peer-to-peer invoice financing platform for SMEs. Capital Springboard facilitates trade for SMEs by granting them access to working capital provided by investors which include, accredited investors, institutional investors, HNWIs, IFAs and family offices. Launched in June 2016, the platform has garnered strong interest amongst accredited investors and local SMEs.
Roger Crook
Naviin Kapoor Advisor FEON
Naviin Kapoor, a blockchain & ICO consultant, and a business transformation leader with more than eleven and half years of experience in project management and business analysis and more than one year of experience in ethereum, bitcoin, hyper ledger, EOS, consensus protocol and distributed/shared ledger technology. He has also attained various industry certifications such as PMP, CBAP, ITIL & CSM. He had worked on various banking transformation projects – “sustainable and disruption”, which were initiated in various domains such as Retail Banking, Cash Management, Integrated Liquidity Management (ILM), Corporate Banking, Asset & Wealth Management, Financial Messaging, Regulatory Sanctions Filtering and Local and International Payment Systems.
Naviin Kapoor
Bojan Oremuz Advisor FEON
CEO, Blockchain visionary and team leader. Previous experiences 25 years in the field of networking, IT security and custom IT solutions. Member of IDACB ICO Advisory Board. IcoGuide Expert. Was president of IT Cluster E-Aliansa, member of the government council for IT and EU ISt prize nominee for network security products.
Bojan Oremuz
Jaian Cuttari Advisor FEON
Jaian has co-founded several companies. Currently the CEO of Veltrust, a global strategy advisory firm, he is involved in several leading start-ups and blockchain projects. He also has a passion for commercial diplomacy centered around world trade and emerging markets. After traveling to many parts of the world and gaining extensive insight in a wide range of industries, Jaian uses his global perspective to provide guidance to governments and companies when utilizing emerging technologies such as Blockchain, AI, etc. so they can create a meaningful impact for communities around the world
Jaian Cuttari


Alexander Korovayev Managing Director, Co-founder
Many years of experience (over 10 years) with information projects in the field of finance and communications. Leader of movements and associations of crypto-currency communities in Eastern Europe. Vice President and Chairman of the Board international association of crypto-currency and block-country. Co-founder of the financial and reinvestment society "The system of financial condition."
Vladimir Derevyanko Executive Director, Co-founder
An experienced executive director, entrepreneur and international financial services strategist who worked on the development of payment systems, including Elexnet and an annual turnover of $ 1.8 billion. MACIB
Nurambambet Ashirbek Director for Foreign Economic Relations
Experience more than 5 years as a project manager in IT projects for the implementation and development of software products. Business consultant in financial matters of high-ranking officials from Japan and Europe at Moscow forums and exhibitions. Master's degree in financial mathematics and a bachelor's degree in international economic relations and foreign economic relations
Ivan Korshunov Director of the Legal Department
Experience more than 12 years in the legal field, in the international drafting of laws on the legalization of crypto-currencies. Member of the Board of the International Association of Crypto-Currency and Block. Public figure. Co-founder and Chairman board of financial and investment company "System of financial conditions." MACIB
Artem Moskvin Commercial director
Long-term experience (more than 10 years) with information and investment attraction. Vice President and Chairman of the Board international association of crypto-currency and block-country. Co-founder of the financial and reinvestment society "The system of financial condition."
Marat Valiev Lead developer
Many years of experience in team development Oracle PL / SQL, MongoDB, PHP, MySQL, Yii2. Many years of experience in creating highly loaded systems
Alla Egemberdieva Administrator for relations with CIS countries
Vice-President and Chairman of the Board of the International Association of Crypto-Currency and Blockcain. Chairman of the Board of the System of Financial Conditions
Kea Koles Kea Koles, the Administrator on matters of forecasting in the field of the ICO projects
Artist-designer (Abstractionist), more than 13 years of experience, one of the most active members of our team. Separately for the project FEON, Koles painted a wonderful picture in the style of abstractionism " Emanation of Feon", in this picture, Koles shows all of humanity as she sees the entire scope of the project FEON, of the project on her look, a completely different reality. We are very happy that she is part of the team FEON!
Mikhail Sadovoy Director of Public Relations
Michael travels all over the world! He will show the company our product, as well as test through various payment services. Experience of more than 15 years in analytical studies of various fields of activity, perfectly knows the methods of analysis, as clearly and reliably predicts processes and develops forward-looking development programs for the Feon project


E-mail: sfcbox@feon.io Beneficiary: Financial re-investments society "System of financial conditions"
Account: 70-55.090.237
SWIFT: MODB22 Beneficiary account: 40703840970011000010 (USD)

How many FBC tokens are released?

Total output 300 000 000 FBC

What is the blockchain of your token?

Our tokens comply with the ERC20 standard.

When will your tokens be traded on online exchanges?

We consider the possibility of placing tokens on exchanges not earlier than 30 days after the completion of the ICO